About Us

Tankweld is proud to say that it is 100% wholly Australian-owned.
We have been delivering engineering solutions since 1940s.


Tankweld’s highly skilled staff have extensive experience, supplying all engineering needs from concept and design through to shop fabrication, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

Our experienced team of specialised engineers, draftsmen, technicians and tradesmen are ready and willing to meet your project needs.

We understand that no two projects are quite the same so we remain flexible to meet your exact requirements, producing a quality product delivered safely, on time and on budget.


Where have we come from


How we have grown

Key Values

What we are committed to

Safety focussed

  • Everyone’s welfare is important – employees, clients, public
  • With safety, there are no second chances and no shortcuts
  • Be aware of dangers all around us, both visible and hidden
  • Creating a positive and safe workplace
  • Zero tolerance for bullying / discrimination

Staff development

  • Building skill sets / develop potential
  • Challenged to excel
  • Encouraged to engage
  • Skill base is a valuable asset – allowing TW to advance and improve

Client satisfaction

  • At all stages from quote to hand-over
  • Only as good as our last job
  • Reputation – hard to build, easy to destroy
  • Our expertise and experience provides peace of mind
  • Solution driven

Quality Service delivery

  • Open communication
  • On time, in budget
  • Efficiency inbuilt from design, not something that’s add-on
  • Meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations

We are 100% Australian owned and established in 1940

Mission Statement

Our Core Values

Ethical, Honest and Respectful

We have a responsibility to our clients, our employees and the public in general to behave ethically, with honesty and respect always. This underpins all that we do and the way in which we achieve it.

Your Partner to Success

We exist to service our client’s needs, to partner with them, assisting them in achieving their project goals and plans.  In doing so, we too will grow and develop toward our own goals and potential.

Minimal Environmental Impact

We have a responsibility to our environment and future generations to do all that we can to ensure that in the performance of all our activities, the lasting impact on our environment is minimal.

Equal Communication

Negotiation is the key to success, and a successful project is one which meets the needs of all parties, where all stakeholders have a voice and are heard equally.

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