Under the guidance of our Construction Manager and his experienced team of project engineers, Tankweld operates an extensive network of site crews for installation of mechanical equipment.

Our in-house teams cover a wide range of disciplines and skills such as supervisors, welders, fitters, riggers and trades assistants with personnel coming from a variety of backgrounds, ensuring a diverse range of experience for the particular task at hand. Our crew have on-going training and are experienced in confined space entry, working at heights and other high-risk activities.

Tankweld’s service vehicles are fully stowed with all the tools and equipment normally required by the site crews for any task required.  We also have several secure, mobile container type workshops which can be transported to site for the duration of the project. Working with our contract hire partners, we also have access to specialist equipment and machinery such as mobile cranes when the need arises.

Whether your project is a new construction, or a plant shutdown for routine maintenance, time is always critical and we are well aware that tight schedules control every project. That’s why we can offer a complete support package for your project including extensive planning, procurement and installation services , providing flexible and cost efficient solutions to make your site project a success.

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• Stairways & Ladders
• Handrailing & Guard Rails
• Access Platforms & Walkways

Pump Stations & Pit Covers

• Turret Tops
• Pump Stations, Piping & Equipment
• Pit Covers
• Access Ladders

Piping Systems

• Water Infrastructure Piping
• Tubepress Swaged Piping Systems
• PVC Piping Systems
• PLX Electrofusion Pipe Systems
• Pipe Supports
• On-Site Piping Welding & Fabrication
• Fuel Distribution & Supply Piping
• Flange Management

Mechanical Equipment

• Specialist Processing Equipment
• Pump, Motors, Filters & Valves
• Chain Conveyors & Flights

Installation Capabilities

  • Project and maintenance management
  • Mechanical equipment installation & maintenance
  • Piping – installation, site fabrication & welding
  • Water asset installation & maintenance including:-
    • Pump station, control valve and treatment plant equipment
    • Pressure reducing and control stations
    • Altitude and sustaining valve installations
    • Isolation valves
    • Water transfer and booster pumping stations
    • Chemical dosing and disinfection facilities
    • Sewer wet and dry well pump stations
    • Sewer penstock and isolation valves
    • Air valves
    • Odour control and ventilation equipment
    • Hinged aluminium pit and tank covers complete with safety grates
    • Mild Steel Concrete Lined  (MSCL), Carbon Steel, Stainless steel & PVC piping systems
  • Service vehicles
  • 4 x 20ft relocatable site workshop containers
  • Mechanical routine preventative maintenance of sewer treatment plants and associated equipment including:
    • Transfer pump stations
    • Grit removal equipment
    • Inlet screens; bar screens; step screens; band screens
    • Primary sedimentation tanks and treatment equipment including aerators; blowers; diffusers; scrapers
    • Secondary sedimentation equipment and clarifiers
    • DAF tanks and associated scrapers and air  supply equipment
    • Chemical disinfection & dosing facilities with odour control
  • Installation of steel structures, including platforms, walkways, stairs & ladders
  • Handrail and safety barrier systems
  • Confined space & restricted space works
  • Working at heights
  • Installation and testing of safety anchors, davit bases, fall restraint and tie off points
  • Equipment testing and commissioning
  • Contract labour

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