WTP MSCL Piping – Ø1015 O.D.

TBV-JV engaged Tankweld to fabricate and install over 500 metres of DN1000 MSCL piping along with pump station equipment, associated valves and both fixed & sliding type pipe supports.

Thiess Black & Veatch Joint Venture (TBV-JV)

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Water Utilities

Melbourne Water WTP, Cocoroc, Victoria

About the Project

MSCL piping has a fusion-bonded polyethylene coating. Exposed areas at every welded joint and flanged connection must be re-covered in an equivalent PE coating to maintain integrity against corrosion and moisture ingress. Cathodic protection is vital to ensuring a long service life of the piping system. A section of this piping had been buried underground, whilst other sections were elevated over large water channels.

Project Challenges

In the early phases of this project, we made a considerable effort with our in-house fabrication to ensure optimisation within the locations of piping connections for constructability and site installation.

However, some challenges that Tankweld faced during this project included the following:

  • The fabrication, transport and site handling of pipe sections of up to 30 metres in length. 
  • Cranage and installation of piping sections, especially over waterways, were quite challenging due to the nature and stability of the site conditions for positioning the mobile cranes.

This project involved considerable on-site welding with subsequent testing to ensure the integrity of the pipework was maintained. Digital surveying techniques allowed for the accurate positioning of pipe supports, ensuring pipe alignment both laterally and vertically.

With careful planning and attention to detail, this project reached completion
in just four months.